The Paper Toy Phenomenon

April 26, 2010, 09:46 am  Posted by Lark

Have you noticed a lot more paper crafting going on out there? There seems to be a big resurgence happening. Origami, probably the oldest paper art, has been around a long, long time—since the first or second century in China—and has always been popular, but lately I’ve been seeing some pretty creative stuff being done with paper. Some illustrators have applied their illustrative talent and engineering skills to create ingenious 3-D paper toys. With slits and tabs, once folded their creations become freestanding. Some are stacked like paper totem poles, while others sport appendages and accessories. I find them fascinating and whimsical and gotta think they appeal to all ages.

paper postal robot

Spambot goes postal

Spambot parts


Some of my favorite paper engineers like the uber-creative Dutch illustrator team LouLou and Tummie (creators of Spambot pictured above) offer awesome free pattern downloads on their sites—nice. Just for starters, check out www.kamimodel.com, www.loulouandtummie.com, www.custompapertoys.com, and www.marshallalexander.net. With just a printer, scissors, and some tape or glue, you’re set for an afternoon of freebie fun.


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